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Are you tired of throwing money down the drain on marketing that doesn’t work?

You’re not alone. Most small business owners struggle with their marketing. There are so many options out there, it’s difficult to know where you should spend your time, energy and money.

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“What gets measured gets better.


Increase in Revenue
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Page On Google


Increase in
Website Visits


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within 1 month

Your next customer is on their phone searching, right now. Will they find you?


We customize plans to meet every need.

Strategy & Branding

Content Marketing

SEO & Competitive Research


We understand how
hard it is to market your
own business.

With over 20 years of experience and a
team ready to help, we take marketing off 
your to-do list and get it done!

“We went from almost invisible online to the #1 page on Google in just a few months time. Calls, visits and memberships all increased significantly. We look forward to partnering with OneBite as we continue to grow.”

Brian Elkins

Colemans Creek Shooting Range

“Tara has been amazing, idea-oriented, engaging, super responsive, flexible, caring, and an active and awesome listener. Her skills and her knowledge as a seasoned digital marketer and natural “pro”

Mark Podolle

Wireless Ventures

“Tara helped me focus my message. She provided me with a strategic plan and helped put a framework together for a new and improved website. Tara went above and beyond in so many ways. ”

Josh Katz

Ben Yehuda Pizza

“WOW! I cannot believe how my business has grown in less than a year. I had a lofty goal to double my business and with Tara’s help, I was able to accomplish that goal in 12 months!.”

Katherine Couture

Couture Real Estate

How do you Eat an Elephant?

OneBite at a Time.

There’s a lot to tackle when it comes to marketing. We know we can’t change things overnight, but we can help you make continual changes that will lead to big results.

We’re looking to build your business methodically with data, tactics and content that will sustain you well into the future. Schedule a discovery call and we can get started in as little as a week!

Three Steps To Better Marketing:


Schedule a Free Discovery Call:

Let’s discuss your business, current struggles, and goals. We’ll share some tangible advice and if we both decide it’s a good fit, we’ll send you a proposal.


Get a

Most businesses start with our deep dive and then decide if they need ongoing support, but we will give you options to choose from based on your unique needs, budget and goals.


Watch Your Business Grow

Feel confident your marketing is where it needs to be while you handle all the other details of running your business.

Take your business from surviving, to thriving.

Marketing can seem like a mystery. You know you need it, but aren’t sure where to get it or what it can really do. The reality is, most people waste an enormous amount of money on marketing that simply doesn’t work.

We understand how overwhelming marketing can be, especially in today’s ever-changing digital world. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, something new comes along. You’re tired of trying to keep up, but you don’t want to fall behind.

Grab your customized marketing report.

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